Faculty of Arts - Department of Geography

Dr. Ram Surat

Dr. Ram Surat is Associate Professor & Head in Dept. of Geography. He has more than 15 years of teaching experience and has guided one research scholar for Ph.D degree. He is the author of three books Practical geography BA I, II, III and has more than ten research paper in various journals. He is a active member of two journals.

Dr. Paritosh Upreti

Dr. Paritosh Upreti is a Guest faculty in Department of Geography. He has published 3 research papers in reputed International journals and has two years of teaching experience. Further, he has represented his country in a three month international course in 'Geological and Climate Related Risk' in Geneva, Switzerland and two SAARC courses. He specializes in the field of disaster management and seismic vulnerability of urban landscape. His chief interests are on the field of seismic vulnerability, risk assessment, welfare geography and environment issues.

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