NSS - National Service Scheme

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Two units of NSS for boys and girls exist in the college. Under its regular activities, one day programmes and 7 days special camps are organized. Undergraduate students compulsorily need to get themselves registered in NCC or NSS. Total Enrollment in NSS is 200 Student. Dr. D.C. Mishra and Dr. D.C. Bebni are Programme Officers of NSS.

  • Supplementry Marks in Entrance exam of various Central Govt and State Govt Jobs
  • 15 Marks in B.Ed. Entrance for "C" Certificate
  • Special benefits in Uttarakhand education jobs.

Dr. D.C. Bebni
Programme Officer
Department of Botany
Contact No.- +91 9410114009

Dr. D.C. Mishra
Programme Officer
Department of Mathematics
Contact No.- +91 9410114009

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